Westwood / Sunset Water Trunk Line Break Update Thursday, 11:00 am

Westwood / Sunset Water Trunk Line Break Update
Thursday, 11:00 am

LOS ANGELES — As of 11:00 am today, LADWP crews worked through the night and this morning to begin complex repairs on the high pressure water trunk lines that were involved in Tuesday’s rupture on Sunset Boulevard. 

Updates as of this morning include:

  • LADWP crews made major progress in excavating a 56 x 41.5 ft. work site around pipe in order to better assess the pipes and facilitate their repair.
  • The site is being reinforced and shored up to ensure worker safety and to maintain the structural integrity of Sunset Blvd. This entails bringing in gravel, timbers, fuel and a crane to the site. Once excavation and shoring is completed, work can begin to remove the ruptured pipe sections.
  • While this work is underway, crews both on-site and offsite water system facilities are fabricating and assembling the customized pieces and fittings necessary to repair the “Y” juncture and the 30 inch and 36 inch trunk line that require repair.
  • Crews continue to assess the progress of excavation and repairs and will be able to provide an update on the estimated time for completion soon.
  • LADWP claims representatives will be onsite today and will remain available to assist with filing a claim for damages. The process and claims form is also available on our website at www.ladwpnews.com under Hot Topics.

For the latest news and information on the repairs please visit www.ladwpnews.com or follow us on Twitter: @LADWP.

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