Westwood / Sunset Trunk Line Repair Update Friday, August 1, 2014 12:45 PM

Westwood / Sunset Trunk Line Repair Update
Friday, August 1, 2014
12:45 PM

As of 12:45 pm today, crews continue to work on complex repairs of the ruptured trunk line on Sunset Boulevard. Major progress was made overnight and this morning removing 66 feet of pipe from the site of the rupture. 

At this time, crews continue to prepare the replacement pipe sections and two new valves, and are working on preparing the three remaining sections of existing pipe to connect to the new pipes and valves.   The remaining pipe sections that will be welded to the new juncture are each at different elevations and angles, underscoring the complexity of the repair. 

Additional updates include:

  • Crews reached 90 percent completion on the welding and fabrication of the new custom built juncture that will replace the old Y-section, connecting the three pipes. Due to the complex angles and elevation of the pipes involved, it was decided to accomplish the repair using a configuration in the shape of a “T” in place of the old “Y” juncture.  This method is helping save time, while ensuring the structural integrity of the pipe and connections.
  • The new section will be sturdier with extra steel plating to protect the joint and able to channel the water pressure much more effectively.
  • Crews are also preparing two 36-inch diameter butterfly valves that will also be part of the repair. Each valve weighs 4,000 pounds.  One valve is complete, and preparation of the other valve is underway.
  • The damaged section that initially ruptured has been cut and removed and will been sent to LADWP Corrosion Engineering for analysis.
  • A large trench shoring shield weighing 6,000 – 8,000 pounds has been put into the excavation site via crane in order to ensure safety of workers and protect the integrity of Sunset Boulevard.
  • As the trunk line is placed back into service, and put back under pressure, crews will carefully adjust valves in the area. This puts stress on pipes in the local water distribution system, which could potentially lead to leaks or pipe breaks.  Should this occur, crews will immediately respond.
  • The trunk line repair is expected to continue through late Friday or early Saturday, after which the backfilling and street repair phase will begin. LADWP is coordinating with the City Bureaus of Engineering, Contract Administration and Street Services.
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