Voltage Fluctuations this Morning on LA’s Westside

Voltage Fluctuations this Morning on LA’s Westside

At approximately 6:30 and 7:40 am this morning, an equipment problem at LADWP’s Scattergood Generating Station caused the loss of two transmission circuits and generation and voltage fluctuations on LA’s Westside. 

Power was interrupted to Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant twice.  We are in communication with the LA Sanitation Department to assess what effect this may have had on their operations and are working quickly to ensure they have adequate power supplies.

In addition, the surge was felt at LAX and potentially impacted electrical systems at LAX, causing some on-site systems to reset.  LADWP power system staff and crews are monitoring the situation and are in communication with operations staff at LA World Airports as well.

Power System crews are responding to Scattergood and an adjacent receiving station to assess the situation and determine the extent of repairs needed.

With temperatures and customer electricity demand high, and expected to continue to be very high over the coming week, we are working quickly to determine the cause and make repairs.  While we have sufficient power flow to this part of the city at this time, we are working to ensure that we also have adequate redundancy and backup power supplies that are a routine part of ensuring power reliability across our system. 

We will provide you with further updates as we learn more about what caused the voltage fluctuation and what effect it may have on power system operations.

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