Update on Critically Injured Lineman

Update on Critically Injured Lineman

LOS ANGELES – An LADWP employee remains in critical condition at a local hospital today with serious injuries he sustained while working on overhead power lines in Encino on Thursday.

The employee, a journeyman line worker, was a member of a crew working to replace a power pole as part of LADWP’s Power Reliability Program when he made contact with electrical wires carrying 4,800 volts of electricity and was rendered unconscious. He was rescued by co-workers who lowered him down from the pole, and was revived by an apprentice line worker who performed lifesaving cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The Los Angeles Fire Department arrived at the scene, continued providing aid and transported the critically injured line worker to an area hospital where he was treated for serious burn and related internal injuries. He has since been transferred to another hospital better equipped to respond to his injuries.

The employee’s family is with him at the hospital, along with several co-workers.

“We are praying for our brave co-worker to pull through this and make a full recovery,” said LADWP General Manager Marcie Edwards, who visited the hospital yesterday afternoon along with Power System Senior Assistant General Manager Randy Howard. “Our linemen and other power and water crew members face hazardous, high risk conditions every day as part of their regular job duties providing water and power to our city,” said Ms. Edwards. “Their work, and the risks they face, unfortunately often go unnoticed until a tragic accident like the one that occurred yesterday.”

Randy Howard added, “When a worker makes contact with a live, high voltage electrical line, they experience very serious burns that can also affect major organs. We are all praying for the best outcome. We are also grateful for the fast action of his co-workers who performed a rescue under hazardous conditions. Their work was nothing short of heroic.”

The injured employee’s fellow crew members and co-workers were badly shaken and are receiving support through the Department’s Employee Assistance Program.

The incident, which occurred in the 17000 block of Rancho Street in Encino at approximately 11:20 Thursday morning, caused a short power disruption affecting 460 customers. LADWP crews restored power to all customers by 1:25 p.m.

The cause of the accident is under investigation according to normal practices for incidents involving serious injury.