Statement From David H. Wright, General Manager of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, on Governor Newsom’s Report Addressing Wildfires

LOS ANGELES (April 12, 2019)–Maintaining a safe and affordable electricity supply for our customers is of the utmost priority for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP).

Governor Gavin Newsom’s report released this morning containing goals and objectives related to wildfire management and the effects that climate change has on wildfires in California, echoes many of the same concerns shared by LADWP. We appreciate that the Governor has highlighted the importance of this topic with his comprehensive report.

Addressing the issue of catastrophic wildfires ensures California utilities are able to access the financial resources necessary to upgrade our power infrastructure and develop more renewable projects. Properly maintaining our power infrastructure is what allows us to continue providing safe and reliable power to our customers and meet our climate change goals.

As a municipal utility that provides power to 4 million customers, LADWP works hard to reduce fire risks with an aggressive vegetation management and mitigation program to keep our power equipment safe from the intrusion of brush, tree limbs and other potential fire hazards.

We look forward to working with the Governor and the State Legislature on addressing wildfires and their effects on the state and the roles and responsibilities of utilities.