Rowena Ponds – Temporary Draining Underway for Maintenance

October 4, 2017

Rowena Ponds are two small interconnected bodies of water above the Rowena Tank. They are considered decorative water features for the beautification of the area and are not connected to the LADWP drinking water system.

As part of routine maintenance, the Rowena Ponds are being drained to remove any organic material that has built up, to inspect the ponds liners and filtration system, to perform any needed minor maintenance work, and to refresh the pond water for algae and odor control. No impact to the community is expected and water drained from Rowena Ponds will be directed to the storm drain.

Note: This work is not part of the ongoing LADWP work to seal the water supply pipeline between Rowena Tank and Ivanhoe Reservoir.

Proposed Maintenance Schedule

Draining: From approximately September 27 to October 6

Cleaning: From approximately October 10 to October 27

Minor Maintenance Work: From approximately October 30 to November 3

Pond Refill Target Start Date: Approximately November 6, 2017

Contact Information

Elene Chong, Property Manager
(213) 367-1507

Dawn Cotterell, Community Affairs
(213) 367-4209