LADWP Claims Information + Form



If you believe LADWP is liable for damages you have incurred, please follow these steps to file a claim.


1. If applicable, contact your insurance company; they are your direct insurer.


2. Be specific about the incident: date, time, and location.

3. You must be able to substantiate your loss. Be practical and reasonable.

4. To document your claim send copies of: bills, cancelled checks, receipts, invoices, etc. This is in your own interest.

This is not an admission of liability or a guarantee of payment by the LADWP.

5. Fill out the attached form and forward to:

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
Attn: Claims Section
P.O. Box 51111, Room 342
Los Angeles, Ca 90051-0100

For additional assistance call (213) 367-4600 or email:

View and print claims form here.