LADWP Applauds CBS Studios for Contribution to Clean Energy for L.A.

LADWP Applauds CBS Studios for
Contribution to Clean Energy for L.A.

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) recognized CBS Studios today for its contribution to a clean energy future for Los Angeles, thanks to the installation of two clean-powered fuel cells as well as several solar photovoltaic rooftop systems at their studios in Los Angeles.

“The future of power systems in Los Angeles is going to be vastly different from the power systems of the past,” said LADWP General Manager Marcie Edwards.  “It is inevitable that as technology evolves, we will see more distributed generation power systems that provide energy directly where it’s being used.  The solar and fuel cells installed by CBS are prime examples and we applaud their efforts to help green our grid.”

The fuel cells and solar installations represent a combined 3.4 megawatts of power that will help offset the amount of power generation provided by LADWP – that’s enough electricity to power over 2,000 homes in Los Angeles each year.  LADWP expects to contribute over $1.5 million toward the cost of the solar installations through its popular Solar Incentive Rebate Program.

During a meeting of the Board of Water and Power Commissioners, David Limon, CBS Studios Director of Health and Environmental Services, also recognized LADWP employees who provided assistance with the installation of two fuel cells.

“During the fuel cell project, many hurdles surfaced as CBS Studios embarked into new policies and procedures within LADWP. It was the dedication by Commercial Account Representative Raul Montenegro, Electrical Engineer Kevin Garrity, and Power Engineering Manager Jack Waizenegger who made this possible,” Limon said.

Hydrogen based fuel cells produce nearly zero emissions. CBS Studios has installed a 1.2 MW Fuel Cell System at 7800 Beverly Boulevard and a 1.2 MW Fuel Cell System at 4024 Radford Avenue.  In addition over 1 MW of solar photovoltaic is operational at the Beverly Boulevard location and over 500 kW will be operational within the next few months at the Radford Avenue building.