Information from LADWP Regarding Homeless Encampment Outside LADWP Receiving Station H

May 9, 2018

LADWP staff is taking steps, in coordination with other city and county agencies to respond to concerns over a homeless encampment that occupies the public sidewalk immediately outside Receiving Station H (RS-H), located at 941 N. Poinsettia Place. Like many neighbors, we are concerned that trash and other paraphernalia have been discarded on the City public right-of-way, preventing pedestrians, including LADWP employees who work at that facility, from being able to access the sidewalk in a safe and secure manner.

We are coordinating our response with the Mayor’s Office and the Office of Councilman Paul Koretz as well as other agencies including LAPD, LA County Sheriff’s Office, City Attorney’s Office, Los Angeles Department of Public Works (Street Services and Sanitation) and the Department of Recreation and Parks to make the area safe, while also helping to connect the individuals living at the encampments with shelters and the services they need.

As a result of the joint agency effort, we have already installed a dozen street lights with plans for more in front of Receiving Station H. We will also be adding physical security to the vehicle entrance gate to prevent anyone from illegally gaining access to the facility, which contains high-voltage electrical equipment, and posting “No Loitering” signs along the perimeter fence to assist LAPD with enforcement. We are also investigating landscaping solutions in response to concerns expressed by members of the community.

These are initial steps. We are committed to continuing to work with neighbors, the Council Office and our partner agencies to address concerns, while also showing compassion and assistance to the homeless population.