Individual Discovered Electrocuted after Apparent Tampering with Energized Electrical Equipment

On January 22, 2019, at approximately 4:00 a.m., the body of an individual was discovered near an energized street light circuit box located on the 2700 block of Wilshire Blvd. Police indicate the individual likely died of electrocution while attempting to remove copper wire and equipment from the live street light circuit. LADWP crews de-energized the conductor after being notified by LAPD of the incident. LADWP is working with law enforcement in their investigation of this incident.

“It is our hope that the tragic death of this individual will help raise awareness of the dangers of tampering with any electrical equipment.  Live electrical wires can and will often result in death. Don’t get near a downed power line, don’t tamper with electrical equipment or utility boxes and if you see anyone doing so, dial 9-1-1,” said LADWP General Manager David Wright. “Electrical equipment and wires often carry thousands of volts of electricity and are never safe to handle by anyone other than a qualified and trained electrical worker. Anyone coming across electrical equipment should always assume that the power is on and leave any contact with the electrical equipment to trained technicians.”

Anyone coming across a victim lying near, or in contact with, downed wires or electrical equipment should keep a safe distance and not attempt to touch the victim. The current that incapacitated the victim may also harm would-be rescuers. Instead, call emergency services immediately.

LADWP not only works to ensure continued power reliability for our customers, but also the safety of our employees, customers and members of the public. If you see any suspicious activity near LADWP power facilities or electrical equipment, notify LADWP at 1-800-DIAL DWP (1-800-342-5397) and report it to local law enforcement by dialing 9-1-1.