City of Los Angeles Marks the 5th Anniversary of Recycled Water Advisory Group

City of Los Angeles Marks the 5th Anniversary of Recycled Water Advisory Group

LOS ANGELES—The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation (LA SAN) are celebrating the fifth anniversary of the Recycled Water Advisory Group (RWAG). The stakeholder group, with more than 60 members including 13 neighborhood council representatives, have been coming together since 2009 to provide input and ideas to help increase the amount of recycled water used in Los Angeles.

The RWAG members’ input is significant to the development of local water supply strategies in the city. Over the last five years, the stakeholders attended workshops, participated in tours and actively participated in studies integral to the completion of the Recycled Water Master Plan. They will continue to play a significant role in the implementation of water recycling projects. View the RWAG’s  consensus statement and the City’s recycled water outreach efforts here.

Recycled water is a reliable, economically feasible, and environmentally sensitive way to augment the city’s water supplies. Recycled water is highly treated wastewater that can be safely used for irrigation and industrial purposes, groundwater replenishment, seawater intrusion prevention, and other environmental uses. The City of Los Angeles aims to increase the amount of recycled water to 59,000 acre-feet per year by 2035.

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