Pacific Palisades Power Outage

October 24, 2017

Due to extreme 100 degree + heat on the coast and across the Los Angeles Basin, at approximately 3:45 pm today, LADWP grid operators advised that two local power distribution stations in the Brentwood and Pacific Palisades areas were significantly overloaded.  As a result, grid operators had to initiate outages in this area until energy demand goes down.  The outages are affecting approximately 700 customers and are limited to ONLY a portion of the Palisades.  Only two distributing stations out of LADWP’s 160 substations are affected and power supply to Dodger Stadium is in no way impacted or threatened.

Overloading occurs when demand for electricity exceeds the capacity of station equipment so significantly that load must be reduced to protect against significant damage to the station and to prevent an outage that could affect a larger number of customers in the local areas served by these two stations.

The current outage is limited only to the Pacific Palisades area and will be restored as soon as demand drops to a safe level.

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