LADWP Honored as Leading Water Utility in the World at 2017 Global Water Summit

LOS ANGELES (May 17, 2017) – The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) was recognized as one of the world’s top water utilities at the 11th Global Water Summit 2017, the leading water industry conference, which took place April 23-25 in Madrid, Spain.

The honor was given to LADWP along with five other water utilities as new members of the Leading Utilities of the World (LUOW), which aims to promote innovation within utilities and communication between utilities. The LUOW is comprised of public sector utilities recognized by the Global Water Summit advisory board as among the most innovative in the globe.

“The fact that LADWP was included in this exclusive group of water utilities speaks to our commitment to delivering safe, clean drinking water to our customers, and to exploring new ideas to do that now and in the future,” said David H. Wright, LADWP General Manager. “Our membership in the Leading Utilities of the World will be invaluable for sharing information and working together on water issues.”

LADWP joined Budapest Waterworks (Hungary), South East Water (Australia), Atlanta Department of Watershed Management (USA), VCS Denmark , and K-water (Republic of Korea) as new members of LUOW inaugurated in Madrid. New members along with Advisory Board members were presented with the iconic “Golden Tap” trophy at the 2017 Global Water Awards to commemorate their membership.