Information Regarding Silver Lake Water Color

April 2018

Natural lakes and raw water reservoirs can typically change color, such as green to green blue in the spring and summer months. This can affect the water color but has no effect on the water quality. It is important to note that the water in Silver Lake Reservoir is no longer part of LA’s drinking water system and is not being served to our customers.

LADWP is monitoring Silver Lake and has conducted water quality testing.  The data collected did not indicate unfavorable water quality such as an algae bloom. At present, the levels of algae we are seeing are not uncommon and would not be expected to have any adverse effects on wildlife or the ecosystem. Oftentimes, algae growth naturally increases and decreases in cycles.  LADWP will continue to monitor the quality of the water and will treat for algae control if needed.

The long-term plan for Silver Lake Reservoir will include the installation of aeration and recirculation systems that will help slow the growth of algae in the water. The aeration and recirculation systems are currently under design and the construction completion is anticipated by fall of 2020.