Power Planning: L.A.’s Clean Energy Future

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is committed to transforming the City of Los Angeles’ power supply to 100 percent clean energy while maintaining the high level of power reliability that our customers expect and deserve. That transition takes careful planning with the Strategic Long-Term Resource Plan (SLTRP) serving as a roadmap. The SLTRP outlines our electric supply initiatives and power use/demand programs to meet L.A.’s future energy needs reliably and cost-effectively.

Each year, LADWP updates the SLTRP to reevaluate the various power resource options available to achieve a clean energy future. Every other year (during even-numbered years), formal community outreach and public input inform the update. In addition, important studies such as the Once-Through Cooling (OTC) Study, the 100 Percent Renewable Energy Study, and ongoing transmission studies are considered in the planning process.

Stakeholder engagement is a cornerstone of our planning efforts, and promotes transparency in the planning process. The SLTRP Advisory Committee brings various stakeholders and perspectives together and captures input from the local community, environmental and business groups as well as academia and regulatory agencies. In 2018, the SLTRP Advisory Committee had a kick off meeting on December 4, 2018 and will continue to meet in early 2019 to build case scenarios that provide alternative paths for achieving a clean energy future, and review preliminary case results from staff modeling and evaluation. The Advisory Committee’s output will then be shared with the community at large through a series of public workshops to review the 2018 cases scenarios and receive further feedback on the proposed 2018 SLTRP cases, each with a distinct set of resources and timelines for achieving a clean energy future for Los Angeles. The feedback is critical to LADWP’s completion of the 2018 SLTRP Report, expected to go before the Board of Water and Power Commissioners for approval in May 2019, which includes a recommended case. An iterative process, the SLTRP recommended case will be updated in 2019 and evaluated again in 2020 with public input.

About the OTC Study

Under statewide policy, LADWP is required to eliminate the use of the Once-Through Cooling process at our coastal natural gas plants under a strict timetable negotiated with the State Water Resources Control Board. Under the compliance schedule, LADWP must eliminate OTC at Scattergood Units 1 and 2 by the end of 2024, and subsequently at remaining generating units located at Haynes and Harbor generating stations by 2029. In summer 2017, LADWP paused all in-basin natural gas unit repowering efforts to conduct a comprehensive independent study to develop clean energy alternatives to the planned projects.

The OTC Study findings were released in November 2018, and will be evaluated by LADWP staff among a full range of alternatives as part of the SLTRP process, which will include input from the stakeholder advisory group.

About the 100 Percent Renewable Energy Study

At the request of Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles City Council, LADWP launched the 100% Renewable Energy Study to determine what investments should be made to achieve a fully renewable energy supply.  Over the course of the study, LADWP will work with local academic institutions to examine the potential for high quality careers and local hiring programs that must be performed to modernize the city’s electric system infrastructure.

The comprehensive study will be developed with input from the 100 Percent Renewable Energy Advisory Group, comprised of technical experts, research universities, commercial/industrial customers, local government officials, and community interest groups, among other partners. Once complete, the study’s findings will be evaluated as part of the 2020 SLTRP Process.

To learn more about L.A.’s Clean Energy Future, or for updates on upcoming SLTRP public workshops, visit ladwp.com/cleanenergyfuture.


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