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DATE: February 19, 2017 10:45:13 PM PST

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Update: Los Angeles Rainstorm Power Outages 10 p.m. Sunday Feb 19

Crews Continue Non-Stop Work To Restore Power to Remaining Customers

LOS ANGELES — LADWP utility crews continue to work to restore service to 4,800 customers who have experienced extended service outages due to the extensive damage caused by Friday and Saturday's rain and wind storm. Over 80,000 customers have had power restored since the peak of the storm late Friday afternoon.

Crews continue to work around the clock, as safely and quickly as possible, to make repairs until every customer is restored. Crews are also working to prioritize outages so that the longest outages are worked first. Customer Service representatives are also calling customers who are not part of a larger neighborhood outage, but who are single households out in neighborhoods, to confirm with the customer that power is still out and in some cases, help customers troubleshoot breaker switches in neighborhoods where power has been restored, but a problem remains at an individual home. This helps dispatch crews more efficiently as we work to restore power to customers who remain without power.

We appreciate our customers' patience as we work to get power restored as quickly and safely as possible.

Neighborhoods with customers experiencing extended outages as of 10 p.m., include:

Eagle Rock- 393

Watts- 1,562

Palms-  655

Westchester- 107

Pacific Palisades- 139

Baldwin Hills- 161

Encino- 198

Lake Balboa- 760

Canoga Park- 364

Winnetka- 360

Sherman Oaks 100

Crews continue working in affected neighborhoods and will continue through the night until all services are restored.

The forecast is for more rain, so LADWP urges all customers to use caution around downed or dangling power lines or poles. If you see a downed wire, always assume it is LIVE and immediately dial 9-1-1. Never touch a downed power line or anything that’s touching a downed power line -- including water. 

For more information about outages, please check LADWP’s Twitter page @LADWP and

The next update will be at approximately 7AM, Monday.