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DATE: February 1, 2017 4:22:32 PM PST

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New Electric Utility Career Information Added

LOS ANGELES —The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is offering a free interactive webpage called eSMARTKids aimed at educating youth ages 8 to 12 on electricity and electric safety. The site also features a career page aimed at teens and young adults interested in a future working in the utility industry.

The eSMARTKids program includes not only fun-filled interactive games but also basic information about the nature of electricity and how to keep safe while using it.  Included in the webpage is a home safety inspection checklist as well as information about how electricity is generated and distributed.  It also includes several step-by-step science experiments that children can complete with their parents or guardians.

In addition, eSMARTKids provides lessons and activities appropriate for elementary school classrooms. The site features lesson plans and student worksheets used for the past several years in Los Angeles area elementary schools covering basic electricity and safety topics. 

The eSMARTkids website also provides access to the Emmy award-winning video, "Outdoor Electric Safety," produced by LA CityView Ch. 35 and the LADWP.  The video shows how to keep safe around electricity outdoors.

"We are excited to offer this attractive interactive website on electric power and safety that young people can explore on their own, with their parents or guardians, or through lesson activities directed by their teachers that participate in LADWP's electric safety education  program," said David H. Wright, LADWP general manager.

For teenagers, the site now offers a new Electric Utility Careers section, providing simple tests to help guide youth in exploring different types of careers consistent with their electric-related interests. It provides young adults summaries of different types of career paths within electric utilities such as engineering, skilled craft trade positions, administrative staff jobs and conservation specialists. The career section also features links to government and professional organizational websites that provide additional detailed information about what working in these various fields entails and the type of education required to meet basic employment requirements.

Wright added, "Bolstering the workforce of tomorrow by helping young people learn about and explore a variety of exciting, fulfilling and interesting career fields available at LADWP and other electric utilities is essential to securing a bright future for LA youth, our community and our Department."

To access eSMARTkids go to and click Electric Safety Activities. The eSMARTkids website link is on the top right side of the Electric Safety page.

For more information contact:
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LADWP Public Affairs
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