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DATE: June 28, 2013 8:37:50 AM PDT

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Ca$h in Your Lawn!

LADWP Increases California Friendly® Residential Landscaping Rebate
to $2 per Square Foot

LOS ANGELES — LADWP is making outdoor water conservation easier for its customers. For a limited time only, the cash incentive to replace healthy, green grass with California Friendly® landscaping is up from $1.50 to $2 per square foot for residential customers. Commercial customers may receive $1 per square foot. In place of water-thirsty and high maintenance grass, L.A. residents are encouraged to install California Friendly® plants and other water-wise features to help save money while conserving water.

Forty percent of water use in Los Angeles occurs outdoors. 

“As we gear up for another hot summer following a dry winter with low snow packs and rain fall, we need to find ways to save precious potable water for indoor uses,” said James McDaniel, Senior Assistant General Manager of the LADWP Water System. “Traditional grass landscape requires a lot of water, but we can replace it with plants that are natural to the California climate, attractive, easy to maintain and more water wise.  Our rebate of two dollars a square foot will go a long way to help cover the re-landscaping costs.”

The California Friendly® plant palette is rich and diverse, with a wide variety of beautiful trees, perennials, vines, succulents and shrubs from which to choose.  There are also innovative and appealing ways to enhance a landscape with non-vegetative groundcover or paving materials like decomposed granite, pea gravel, rocks, pebbles, mulch and wood chips. A list of landscaping options is available at

All customers must pre-apply for a rebate and receive LADWP approval before starting the turf replacement. LADWP will also inspect the lawn before and after the project. To get started, visit