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Fact Check: KNBC Story on Billing Discrepancies
Related to the Bureau of Sanitation Solid Resource Fee

A recent KNBC Channel 4 news investigation on the Department of Public Works Bureau of Sanitation Solid Resource Fee did not clearly represent LADWP’s role as a billing agent for the Bureau. To make our role clear, we provided the following statement to KNBC Channel 4 on this matter. Channel 4 opted not to use our statement in their story.

LADWP STATEMENT: Bureau of Sanitation Billing Discrepancies

As the billing agent for the Department of Public Works Bureau of Sanitation (“Bureau” or “BOS”) LADWP includes sanitation charges on behalf of the Bureau on our customers’ bimonthly water and power bill. The Department also adjusts and refunds sanitation charges when authorized by the Bureau of Sanitation to do so. We maintain regular, ongoing contact with the Bureau of Sanitation to correct any incorrect charges that may occur.

We are aware that some customers have reported discrepancies in charges for the Bureau’s Solid Resource Fee. In a case like this, where another department is the responsible party, we must allow the agency to handle according to its own guiding policies. The Bureau has taken steps to identify customers who may have been incorrectly charged. To this end, BOS has made available a toll-free phone number and dedicated webpage for customers who feel they have been charged in error. We encourage any customer who feels they may have been overcharged to contact the Bureau of Sanitation directly at:

Phone: 1-800-773-2489